Worship & Music

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Sunday Worship

“I love worshipping at CCPC because I always feel like Pastor Ben is inviting me into a conversation rather than preaching down to me.”

What To Expect

What is worship like?

Worship is the central act by which we express our faith at CCPC. Our service would be described by many as a traditional service blended with a splash of modern day elements. It is very family friendly!

How do we dress?

No matter what your personal style is, we want you to feel comfortable at CCPC. Members and visitors alike wear everything from shorts and flip-flops to suits and dresses!

What type of music should we expect?

You will hear everything from classical to spiritual to contemporary. Typically all music is accompanied by either the organ or the piano. We are blessed to have a talented choir lead us in song each week.

Is there a sermon?

Yes, each week Pastor Ben offers a message that is rooted in the Bible as well as applicable to everyday life. His style is very conversational in nature. He is not afraid to ask us to take our faith seriously. He reminds us each week that we worship a God of love and grace.

Is there a time for children in the service?

Yes, each week Pastor Ben invites the children to join him up front for a short story or lesson and the children are always encouraged to share their own thoughts.

Is there a choir?

Our Chancel Choir is an opus of diversity. Gen-xer’s, empty nesters, singles, couples, parents and grandparents all sing from the same sheet music and along the way find friendship, support, and a sense of belonging.