On Christ the

Solid Rock I Stand

All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand.

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Thy word is a

lamp unto my feet,

& a light unto my path.

Psalms 119:105

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And be kind one to another,


forgiving one another.

Ephesians 4:32

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Corona Update #21                              August, 14, 2020

A good evening to you all! 


            This weekend I have the joy of officiating the wedding of a young girl and her fiancé.  It was originally planned for May.  She was in tears when she called and told me they were postponing to August what they had been planning and dreaming of.  Instead of hundreds of guests there will be a small gathering of family and friends.  Instead of a huge reception there will be a small dinner party.  Just about everything about their wedding has changed, yet their love and commitment to each other has not.


            The pandemic has changed so much of our lives.  This will include worship when we gather again in the sanctuary.  No doubt we all would prefer for it to be as it once was.  For now it must look and be different.  However, the reason we worship remains the same.  We worship God because He is faithful in all things.  Our worship of God, whether in the sanctuary or at home, also connects us, encourages us, and strengthens us to face these difficult times.  Nothing can take this away from us!


Our Christian commitment to love our neighbor is another thing the pandemic cannot take away.  The packing of school backpacks begins next week.  A few in our congregation (including myself) will be part of the teams packing the items we have collected over the summer.  This week you generously donated 354 packs of oatmeal.  With all the changes in the new school year, isn’t it good that our children will not only be fed, but also reminded that there are people in this community who love them?!


This week I invite you to pray for the Back Pack Friends ministry.  Pray for the children.  Pray for their homes.  Pray for the volunteers.  Pray for all whose donations make this ministry possible.


Peace and love to us all!  Ben 


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